amber gem


As if amber weren’t fascinating
enough, most amber gemstones have
beautifully preserved prehistoric
flowers embedded, and traces of other
kinds of life dating back to millions of
years ago. Although not properly a
gemstone, it’s more of an organic
resin, it shares similar characteristics
to gems, thus commonly referenced
as such. These rare and unique gems
are known for their soothing and
healing properties, and it’s believed
that they promote new cell growth,
helping skin regain its elasticity and
tightness. They’re also considered to
improve blood circulation, which
make them particularly efficient
fighting dark circles.

black onyx gem


Have you ever wondered how to keep
your skin protected while maintaining
a luminous appearance? The answer
would be Black Onyx. Ancient cultures
believed that black onyx possessed
protective properties, and warriors
used it as an amulet to ward off harm.
This mysteriously beautiful gemstone
could be considered as a magic
paradox: It has the deepest of blacks,
but possesses an astonishing
luminosity. Black Onyx’s subtle beauty
and its professed rejuvenating
properties, combined with its
purported ability to protect skin from
pollution and other environmental
threats, make it the best confidence
and self-esteem booster of all time.


For thousands of years, people have
been besotted by the beauty of
diamonds. Their radiance and
stunning shine has been the
inspiration of poets, who believed that
their dancing sparkle was the symbol
of eternal love. In the world of beauty,
these astonishing gems are believed
to possess extraordinary properties
that can make your skin’s appearance
not just luminous, but also soft,
vibrant, and flawless. They also deliver
revitalizing and luminizing benefits
onto the skin, for an energized and
radiant glow. Diamonds are bright and
shiny and that’s why everybody loves

golden sapphire gem


One of the most mesmerizing
gemstones in the world, the warm
light sunshine golden sapphires aren’t
just extraordinary gems that provide
beauty and significance to any jewelry
piece, but they’re also considered
symbols of wisdom, power, and good
fortune. In Vedic astrology, golden
sapphires are believed to represent
the great positive cosmic powers of
the planet Jupiter, bestowing the
wearer spiritual strength and a radiant
glow. These exquisite gems are
believed to make skin clearer,
smoother, and look more youthful, by
encouraging a healthy shine and
revitalized complexion.

morganite gem


With a beautiful soft shade of pink,
morganite is considered “the rose” of
gemstones. As stunning as it is
long-lasting, this lovely gem holds the
sweet symbolism of divine love, and it
possesses a divine feminine energy
that enables women to feel beautiful
and empowered. It’s believed that
morganite brings through a powerful
vibrant energy to your complexion,
and that it also possesses skin-loving
properties that give your skin a fresh
and lustrous glow. Just as it empowers
women, it helps to strengthen skin,
providing a more youthful and softer



Magnificent, colorful, unique, and
valuable, these dazzling gems were
considered a symbol of hope and
good fortune by ancient cultures.
W ith an amazing play of colors, opals
mostly owe their kaleidoscopic beauty
to time and water, since they are
formed when raindrops seep down
into the creavasses in rocks, a process
that could take millions of years. It’s
believed that opals possess
brightening properties that promote a
lustrous and radiant look, and other
wonderful qualities that encourage an
exquisite silky soft and supple feeling,
while also delivering age-defying

white pearl


From the beginning of time, the quest
for eternal youth has been a constant
in the history of humanity. From
magic fountains to precious gems, all
of them have been in the crosshairs of
alchemists, explorers, and even
religious people, as they are believed
to possess the longed-for secret of
youth. Among these gems are white
pearls. It is well known that Ancient
royalty thought that consuming
pulverized pearls could maintain their
youthful look. These marine treasures’
purported skin benefits include
acquiring a dewy fresh look,
insurmountable softness, and a boost
of natural beauty.